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Junk Disposal Middleton

Need to clear out your aged stuff?

Save effort and money when you schedule Junk Man Treasure Valley for all of your Middleton Junk Disposal needs. Our on-demand Junk Disposal in Middleton provides easy booking and affordable, Junk Disposal with our dedicated team. 

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Junk Disposal Middleton

Discover the difference in Middleton Junk Disposal.

At Junk Man, the customer come first. Are you not gathering sufficient stuff for a dumpster? We stand by providing a fair price and we only charge for what you fill. Do you only have sufficient rubbish or debris to fill half a truck? A quarter of a truck? At Junk Man, you are charged for what you fill. From houses to construction sites, we are here for all your debris and debris removal needs. Call (208) 204-6431 or Book Online to set up your Middleton home Junk Disposal today!

Junk Removal
Junk Disposal
Rather than making your way around mounds of clutter on your property, employ us to take out it. We take away all types of rubbish and get rid of it at the appropriate facilities.
Appliance Removal and Disposal
Appliance Removal
No rusty, non-functioning, and aged appliances are too difficult for the Junk Man Crew to tackle. No matter the rationale for your appliance removal, rely on us.
Furniture Removal and Disposal
Furniture Removal
Hoping to remove old furniture? We are experts in various types of junk removal — hauling furniture is exactly the sort of work we love to do.
Yard Cleanup
Yard Cleanup
Covering leaf piles, to bushes and tumbled trees, our group provides comprehensive yard cleanup so you don’t have to. We tidy up and dispose of all your yard waste.
Construction Cleanup
Construction Cleanup
Reach out to us for all your construction debris removal needs so that you can focus on the job at hand while we take care of the cleanup.
Home Cleanouts
Home Cleanouts
We provide tenant cleanouts as well as attic, basement, and garage. Our skilled junk removal crew can take away any type of debris.

Junk Disposal Middleton

Think you have a job too large or cluttered for us? Think again! Our crew can manage it all!

Our Boise junk removal services include hauling, pick up, and oversized item disposal from any place in your home or office. We head up the stairs, into the garage, out to the shed, or wherever else your junk requires to be removed. In our utmost attempt to keep Boise and surrounding areas clean, we always process, repurpose, or donate any salvageable item and properly dispose of the rest.


Middleton Junk Disposal made easy.

We understand that your time is important. For this reason, we’ve made the Junk Disposal process as simple as {one, two, three} {1, 2, 3}.

Call or schedule online

Simply call or make an appointment online and tell us what unwanted items you need hauled off and get a fixed upfront price.

Choose a date

Select a date and time that aligns with your schedule, or select curbside pickup to avoid scheduling and cut costs.

We remove your stuff

Our Junk Disposal in Middleton crew show up on-time at your location and work quickly to haul away your items from your premises for the settled price.

Junk Man Treasure Valley Owners - Boise's Trusted Junk Removal Professionals

Family owned Junk Disposal in Middleton professionals.

Meet Owners Shay (top left), and Brad (bottom right). Just like you, we have families to provide for. We started Junk Man to provide families an easy and economical junk removal service to make your living space more livable for you and your family.

We are trustworthy and welcoming Middleton Junk Disposal team who are authentic individuals, completely licensed, insured professionals just trying to make your space a better living environment.

We do all the hard work and hauling for you, no matter where your old junk is located.

Sit back, take it easy, and let us take away your unwanted junk for you!

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Is it time to clean out your junk?

At Junk Man, the customer comes first. Are you not accumulating enough debris for a dumpster? We believe in charging a fair price and we only charge for what you fill. Do you only have enough junk or debris to fill half a truck? A quarter of a truck? At Junk Man you pay for what you fill. From residential homes to construction sites, we are here for all your junk and debris removal needs. Call 208-204-6431 to schedule junk removal service today!